Pandangan mata selalu menipu, Pandangan akal selalu tersalah, Pandangan nafsu selalu melulu, Pandangan hati itu yang hakiki, Kalau hati itu bersih…

Hati kalau 'terlalu' bersih, pandangannya kan menembusi hijab.. Hati jika 'sudah' bersih, firasatnya tepat kehendak Allah.. Tapi hati 'apabila' dikotori, bisikannya BUKAN lagi kebenaran…



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Friday, March 13, 2009



Horoskop! Leh caye ke?Act banyak peselisihan faham tntg horoskop nih…De yg kata jgn pecaye coz ni sumer kepecayaan karut… tkut membawa kpd syirik…de jugak yg kata ok je coz horoskop ni merupakan salah satu cabang dari ilmu falak…Wallahua’lam…but 4 me…x yah la telalu thiqah(pecaye)@fanatic dngannya… just as long as ia boleh mendatangkan manfaat kpd kta, then gunakan lah ia untuk kebaikan… sebagai contoh, sekiranya ada di antara sifat kita yg hamper sama dgn characteristics@personalities of that particular sign, maka muhasabah la diri kita balik…kalo kena dgn sifat kita yg x brapa molek 2,n mungkin slama nih kita x sedar@x de org yg tegur…maka amek la pluang nih untuk berubah kpd yg lebih baik…tp kalo de persamaan dgn sifat kita yg da molek2…maka istiqamahlah… insya Allah…bak kata pepatah, yg baik dijadikn tauladan, yg buruk djadik sempadan… (^_~) so, ape tunggu lg…lets cekadaut…huhu…

CAPRICORN (December 22 –January21)
A Capricorn projects the image of an ambitious person intent on achieving material security. Patience, discipline and hard work help her reach her goals. She is adept at making use of her environment to help her climb her way to success. Organized and systematic, she is capable of handling heavy responsibilities. Though the fear of ridicule makes her secretive, she is only so in a defensive way. Therefore, she appears aloof at first impression. She is self-reliant and does not like opposition or criticsm.

AQUARIUS (January 22- February 19)
Aquarius is a humanitarian. He is people oriented and usually dedicates himself to good causes to benefit mankind. Because he is a believer in equality, he is the one most capable of platonic relationships. He is original and creative and often feels that people don’t understand him. His greatest fault is indolence, which means he often has problems bringing his ideas into fruition. He is simple and unassuming, and dislike hypocrisy and phoniness.

PISCES (February 20-March 20)
A Pisces is modest and unassuming. She possesses peace and is calm even in the most difficult circumstances. She is compassionate and unselfish, and will often to choose to devote her time to help people in need. Being sensitive, she is able to perceive the suffering of others and responds to their pain. She is also sincere, trustworthy and jovial. Not a materialistic person, she will often put her faith and energy into a situation that others would consider a lost cause.

ARIES (March 21-April 19)
An Aries person is independent, assertive, impulsive and highly competitive. Aries will never waste time and as soon as he makes a decision, which is quickly, he acts on it. He makes an excellent and energetic leader, but not always the best follower. He is great at getting things started but not always so good at finishing them. Though he can be rather quick-tempered, his anger is short-lived and he is warmhearted and loyal most of the time. Being trusting and straightforward, he believes that others are as aboveboard as he is.

TAURUS (April 20-May 19)
Taurus people are practical and dependable, but can be stubborn. A Taurean has her feet firmly planted on the ground and once she made up her mind, it is almost impossible to make her change her decision. Change is something she does not adapt very well to. Taurus is the builder of the zodiac. She works determinedly and methodically to the completion of whatever she begins. Taurus wants her surroundings to be pleasing and comfortable. She is slow to anger, but once she get angry, watch out!

GEMINI (May 20-June 20)
A Gemini person appears to be knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and is very good at communicating his views. He is witty and clever, his perceptions are quick, and he tends to dominate his social circle. He will usually have comments and views-whether or not they are asked for. He has the ability to talk himself in and out o any situation. This could be due to the fact that he is an original and creative thinker, with the ability to visualize his ideas. Nervous tension is generally present in Gemini due to the high voltage of his mental gymnastics.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)

Cancer is a family oriented person who is supersensitive to her environment. She is prepared to cater to the needs and wants of others, and knows intuitively what it is they want. She is protective and nurturing; with strong motherly instincts, regardless of whether it is a male or female Cancer. She often realize on her intuition when making decisions. She is steadfast and loyal to family and friends, and expects the same from them. Consequently, she can seem a bit possessive. Furthermore, she can also be moody and temperamental.

LEO (July 23-August 21)

Leo shows a proud and dignified personality. He can be very demanding of attention. He is full of vitality, and is warmhearted, honest and brave. On the other hand, he can be proud and impatient. He also has great faith and confidence in himself and his abilities. A Leo person is a natural leader, and he may at times try to dominate a situation without an invitation. When given a position of authority, he will bend over backward to prove himself worthy, and does not remain in a subordinate position for very long. Leo likes to look his best and shows good taste in his clothes.

VIRGO (August22-September22)
The Virgo person is a perfectionist. She is intelligent, organized and efficient especially in her work. She is also analytical and critical. This causes her to find fault with people and projects. She is meticulous and neat in her appearance, and concerned about her health and anybody. She adopt exercise and health maintenance programmes to keep herself in top physical condition, and maybe a walking encyclopedia when it comes to vitamins and supplements. Virgo has the staying power to complete an arduous assignment which others might consider too trivial.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)
A Libra individual is a peacemaker, generous, gentle and diplomatic. Libra wants to make everyone happy and this often gets him into trouble. He can easily put himself in your shoes and understand how you feel. He is very intuitive. Being a great believer in fairness, he is able to see a situation from any angle. Decision-making is a long and difficult process for him, and even then, he will sometimes wait for someone else to make the decision for him. He often takes the path of least resistance. He craves for harmony and balance in his life.

SCORPIO (October23-November21)
A person born under Scorpio is intelligent, strong and dynamic but quiet. She is highly secretive about her own affairs but very curious about yours! She is very observant and has a knack for extracting confidential information from others. She is just the person needed in times of upheaval because she faces a crisis with great calm. She dislikes weakness, especially in herself and is willing to sacrifice to achieve her goals. She has extreme emotions. She either hates or loves you.

SAGITTARIUS (November22-December21)
A Sagittarius person is capable, honest, cheerful and optimistic. Even when things go wrong, he can always find a bright side to it. He has great faith that things will right themselves in the end. On the other hand, he has a tendency to jump to conclusions, and over extend himself in his commitments and goals. Being honest and outspoken, he sometimes offends and hurt people’s feelings without meaning to. At times, he won’t even notice the damage he has done, but would apologise whole-heartedly if he realized it.

Pssss: de ke yg tegigit jari@tesengih2 tem baca nih…huhu...ana pisces…peace (^_^)

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