Pandangan mata selalu menipu, Pandangan akal selalu tersalah, Pandangan nafsu selalu melulu, Pandangan hati itu yang hakiki, Kalau hati itu bersih…

Hati kalau 'terlalu' bersih, pandangannya kan menembusi hijab.. Hati jika 'sudah' bersih, firasatnya tepat kehendak Allah.. Tapi hati 'apabila' dikotori, bisikannya BUKAN lagi kebenaran…



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Sunday, April 11, 2010



adeh, sungguh tak senonoh sebab meninggalkan belog tanpa apa-apa contengan almost 1 week, ke lebih? ntahla, malas nak menghitung hari detik demi detik bila datangnya penyakit 'M', maka belog ini akan kekurangan kasih sayang dan pehatian..but actually the main reason is not becos of the M DISEASE, but the reason is, i have no mood to write here..

there were many things happened lately n my life turned to messy.. i want to share with u all but, should i? probably its not the appropriate time becos some things need to be kept confidential.. anyhow, pls pray for me ya.. i'm afraid.. i'm not ready yet to face HIM.. my 'amalan' is not enough yet.. sob sob..hopefully all this will end quickly.. insya Allah, ameen *have faith in Allah*

btw, to all my dearest frens n readers who are sitting exam, i am wishing u


dont push urself too hard.. you dont have to be a book worm.. juz stay cool n give ur best! but dont be too relax like me..hahah..becos i am last-minute-study-type-person.. i try to change this habbit since i was in secondary school, but it still the same until today.. haih~ anyhow, sometimes last minute is worth! but sometimes its worst! hoho (O_o)

when i was in standard 6, i didn't study at all for u expect kids at this age will burn the midnight oil? oh, come on..anyway, the result is still 'ehem2', alhamdulillah.. :)

then, when i sat for PMR, i did some revision, but still at the last minute..n once again the result is 'ehem2'.. since my result is still 'ehem2' although i'm not study ealier.. so i think, mayb this is the reason y i like to struggle when exams is juuuuzzzz around the corner..

when i was in form 4 and form 5, i hate science subjects (bio, physic n chem) but i looooveeeeee other subjects such as maths mode, add maths, syariah, quran sunnah, english, sejarah n bla3.. lizalika, uhibbu hazal maudhu' jiddan! [eceh, arab pulak tetiba] during SPM, i did some revision for other subjects but not for the scince subjects.. esok nak peksa, malam ni baru nak baca.. can u imagine it?? so, i deserved to get the so-so result for SPM.. not as gempak as UPSR and PMR anymore..serve me right! sob sob..

MATRIX LIFE! what a wonderful n blissful moments! we through the 'thick' n 'thin' together [especially S23 and S19 students] i will never forget it! [slagi x nyanyuk, nauzubillah] cop2, iklan..

Diriwayatkan dari Anas r.a, katanya Rasulullah S.A.W sering berdoa:

"Ya Allah! Aku berlindung dengan Engkau dari kebakhilan, kemalasan, umur yang tersia-sia (NYANYUK), dan dari siksa kubur serta bencana hidup dan mati.
(H.R Bukhari & Muslim)

*hope everyone of us are keep away from senile*

even people around always told me "rugi je setahun masuk matrix pastu baru nak masuk maktab" say anything u want, i dont give a damn about it.. becos i really enjoy matrix life to the fullest! n i was never regret spending my time for one year there.. n miss all those moments with the great and luvly people.. but, the worst things are, i did n0t know how to manage time.. i did not study hard n seriously.. the subjects is ~killing me softly~ bcos as i told u before, i hate science sub.. i tried to apply to change course from life science to account, but they didnt allow me..huh. anyway, at least i managed to get 2.9++, more than what i expected.. i thought i can only get 1.7++ ok?? so, what else can i say other than ALHAMDULILLAH..THANKS SO MUCH ALLAH..

tapi itu i realized that i hate science sbb susah nak jawab dalam exam..gagagaa~ sekarang saya sudah jatuh chenta paada sains..lagipun, dengan science dapat dekatkan kita dengan Allah..ada pepatah cakap:


120% i agree! currently about 1000 scientific signs have been identified in the entire Al-Quran.. for example, the preservation of genetic data:

Firman Allah S.W.T:

"Does the human being think that We will not reconstruct human bones? Yes indeed; We are able to recreate even his fingerprint"
(Surah Al-Qiamah: 3-4)

Juz imagine, in the billions of people in this world, none of us have the same fingerprint! n it is proved in Holy Quran.. Allah can do anything He want.. Firman Allah S.W.T:

"When He intends to do something, is no more than He says "BE", and it comes to be"
(Surah Yasin: 82)


Besides through science and His creation, we can get to know Allah or we call it 'makrifatullah'..ilmu mengenal Allah..when we know Allah deeper, we will close to HIM, adore HIM and love HIM more than anything!

hey, wait wait..buang tebiatkah saya mentulis blog dalam english??macam geli hati saja..ahaha..sape rasa macam geli hati pun boleh gelak jugak..tapi jangan kuat-kuat la..nanti saya kecik hati pulak..hmm, at least i try, rite?? people say:


i know there are many common mistakes in my essay but this is juz a beginning.. come on.. pls, give me ur that i will write more and more entries in english after this..lalala~

i adore this cute sis, i call her kak fathi or sometimes kak fathiyah..i bumped onto her blog and have read all her first, she used to write in english..and personally i think her english isnt so good and isnt so bad..frankly speaking, her english is average..but she kept writing in english and i found that her english become better, better and better.. congratulation kak fathi!! (^_^) i hope i can be like her..errrr readers, dont misunderstand me..i know i cant be as 'comel' as her..heheh..but i hope that my english will be better juz like her after this..

ok la..da banyak merepek-repek harini..makan kerepek pun da naek lemak sebab banyak minyak..till then..tataaaa~ wassalam

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